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4 Steps to Buy Your First NFT


Don’t know what to purchase or how to acquire NFTs? Are you overwhelmed by the influx of new NFT projects?

You’re in the correct place! Let me help you buy your first NFT. Here are some tips to buy your first NFT.

Steps to Buy Your First NFT

  1. Choose your blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  2. Choose your wallet – Preferably get Metamask or Rainbow wallet.
  3. Choose an NFT marketplace.
  4. Find the best NFT for you and just buy it!

How to choose your cryptocurrency

Before buying your first NFT, you need to decide which blockchain you wish to use.

Ethereum is the most widely utilized blockchain for NFT trading and creation. But for various reasons, some people may choose a different blockchain.

Blockchains like Polygon and Wax let users deal cheaply and efficiently, but they are not the recommended blockchain for acquiring excellent NFTs. After choosing your blockchain, you’ll know how to obtain crypto and buy your first NFT.

How to choose your wallet

To create a web3 wallet, just download an app like Metamask and log in. Your web3 wallet unlocks the decentralized web. Metamask and Rainbow Wallet are two popular NFT wallets.

You need a web3 wallet to store your crypto and NFTs. Your wallet also stores your blockchain address and records all of your transactions. I use Metamask, but others include Rainbow Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Bitski, Formatic, and more.

How to choose your NFT Marketplace

Next, choose an NFT marketplace where you will buy your NFT.

Several NFT markets exist, some more popular than others for various reasons. Opensea is the best location to buy NFTs. But it depends on the NFT you want to buy.

For example, if you want to buy NFT paintings, you should check into Foundation or any of the other art-focused marketplaces.

Look at the best NFT marketplaces for buying NFTs. After finding a good marketplace, you may buy your first NFT.

Finding your NFT to buy

Finding the perfect NFT for you, your hobbies, and your ambitions is the final step before buying your first NFT. You should first ask yourself what you hope to gain from the purchase of the NFT, and whether or not you feel that specific NFT will help you achieve your goals.

Now that you’ve identified suitable NFTs to buy, it’s time to undertake your own study. Before buying an NFT, you should spend 20-40 hours researching.

The NFT brand’s official website is generally my first stop. In addition, I like to research the brand’s inventors, debut dates, and quality of the NFT. Then I examine the map. The roadmap is a brand’s vision for their NFT initiative. A successful NFT brand generally has a long-term strategy with clear goals.


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