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Bill Murray is launching a new NFT collection based on his personal experiences.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is now ready to discuss his “Bill Murray Stories.”

However, in true Bill Murray flair, he will not share his past or musings in a conventional manner.

The mysterious and beloved Caddyshack and Ghostbusters star is teaming up with viral photo site and streaming service The Chive to launch a line of blockchain collectibles that will tell verified Murray stories.

Each Official Bill Murray NFT 1000 token will feature a unique visual of Murray and accompanying text containing a small anecdote about the actor that he has either personally revealed to the company or has validated from previously published material.

“I sought Bill’s thoughts about all the Bill Murray stories going about,” says Chive Media Group co-founder John Resig. ‘I like them just fine,’ Bill replied, ‘and I was even present for a number of them.’ ‘But there are more stories out there, better stories,’ Bill said, leaning forward with that malicious grin in his eye. I questioned Billy about why he hadn’t chosen to tell them, to fill in the gaps in the mythos.

‘Neither the moment nor the storytelling vehicle have ever been perfect. I’m not interested in making a documentary or writing an autobiography. It’s only for the birds to use social media. ‘However, I wish most people understood how much I enjoy fresh eggs laid every day.’ (That final sentence alludes to one of the Murray pieces in the anthology.)


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