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Jeff Koons Is Set to Release a Moon-Landing NFT Project

Jeff Koons

It was reported today that Koons will begin an NFT initiative in a way that perfectly embraces the crypto spirit: his work will physically go to the moon. Koons has created a series of sculptures that will be launched to the moon with associated NFTs. While many works of art have been sent to space, this is the first time that artwork has been cleared for landing on the moon’s surface. The statues will be there indefinitely, according to the plan. Moon Phases is the name of the project.

On a news statement, Koons stated, “I intended to produce a historically significant NFT piece steeped in humanistic and philosophical ideas.” “Our achievements in space exemplify humanity’s boundless potential.” Space investigations have provided us with a new perspective on our abilities to transcend the limitations of our planet. These concepts are at the heart of my NFT project, which may be seen as a continuation and celebration of humanity’s aspirational achievements both on and off the planet.”

The sculptures’ designs have not yet been revealed. The works are scheduled to land on the moon in July.

After being launched from pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in a completely automated mission managed by the commercial aero-space corporation Intuitive Machines, the Moon Phases sculptures will land in the Oceanus Procellarum. Back in November, members of the Intuitive Machines team approached Koons’s team about the idea of having his work shown on the moon. Marc Glimcher, President & CEO of Pace Gallery, said, “We got pretty enthused really fast.” “The rocket has already landed on the launch pad.” In fact, it was expected to go live in March.” The launch, according to Glimcher, is a warm-up for an unique mission planned by Intuitive Origins for 2024: the first manned voyage to the moon since the 1970s, which will reportedly usher in a new era of mining and manufacturing on the moon.

In the meanwhile, Intuitive Origins is getting help from two offshoot firms, one of which is 4Space, for this very minor initiative. 4Space describes itself as a “female-owned space corporation” with a mission to “improve the sustainability of human life by establishing the first self-sustaining multi-industry economy in space.” 4Space is also an official channel partner of Jeff Bezos’s aerospace firm Blue Origin, which launched Amoako Boafo’s paintings into space in August. Another subsidiary, NFMoon, will be in charge of producing the NFTs. NASA will also contribute to the initiative. Pace Verso, Pace Gallery’s NFT platform, will be selling the Moon Phases NFTs. The first Lunar Landing Heritage Site will be established on the ground where the sculptures are displayed.


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