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5 Best Upcoming NFT Projects

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The NFT market reached $40 billion in late 2021, approaching the yearly sales volume of fine art. Many interesting NFT declines are likely in the future, giving lucrative chances for smart investors.

Considering this, this post will examine the greatest future NFT projects of the year, highlighting their characteristics and investment potential.

Hundreds of new NFT projects are fighting for a foothold in this highly competitive industry. To help clear the air, we’ve researched and selected our top five future NFTs, which will be discussed in the next section.

Silks – Top NFT Project 2022

Silks is a revolutionary play-to-earn (P2E) derivative gaming platform for horse racing fans. In-game NFT assets such as Silks horses, avatars, land, and stables may be owned, developed, and interacted with using a blockchain-enabled virtual environment.

Meta Triads – Top Fashion NFT Project

Meta Triads is another great NFT token to invest in. Meta Triads is a 10,000 digital art NFT collection divided into Humans, Hybrids, and Humanoids. These NFTs have a distinct cyberpunk feel and are perfect for social media profiles. Aside from the artistic value, Meta Triads NFTs have additional advantages.

Photosynthetic NFTs with a Use Case – Pionauts

Pionauts is an 8500 photorealistic NFT collection with unique historical personalities. Pionauts intends to reconstruct these historical personalities using artificial intelligence. Shakespeare, Van Gogh, and Charles Darwin are among the Pionauts’ famous faces.

Meta Mansions – Great Potential for a Metaverse-Based NFT Project

It allows users to own ‘virtual residences’ within a pre-built metaverse. As of this writing, almost 30,000 people follow the project’s official Twitter account. There will be 8,888 homes available for purchase on March 18th.

ZenCats – A Mindfulness NFT Project

ZenCats appears to be the finest NFT to invest in for mindfulness enthusiasts, with 5,712 NFTs showcasing a variety of distinct avatars. Purchase digital card packs featuring one, two, or four random ZenCats NFTs.


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