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According to EA, NFTs are “a crucial element of the future of gaming.”


In yesterday’s investor call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said NFT-based gaming is “an crucial part of our industry’s future.”

Because NFT gaming businesses are making significant investments, game developers and players are dealing with what NFT gaming is and whether it appeals to anyone beyond the crypto community.

This play-to-earn or NFT discussion is still very early, Wilson noted. “There’s a lot of talk and hype about it.”
Wilson said firms are still figuring out how this type of game will work, but noted that “FIFA” players were interested in NFTs.
Between the lines: NFT games often allow players to buy characters or virtual land, then try to sell them to other players for a profit.

Aside from Ubisoft, no big gaming firm offers NFT-related titles, despite its investment.
Some players and game makers argue that the premise of NFT games contradicts basic concepts of skill, and focuses more on wealth which allows a player to win.

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