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Ancient India Gets its own NFTs

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Ancient Indian artwork will be accessible as NFTs. Sapio Analytics, a government advising agency, will construct them utilising WazirX NFT.

The collection will contain old Indian paintings. Others will photograph and repair the painting. Also, the collection will be released on January 7th.

One of the earliest NFTs released will be from the 5th century in India. The best brains in the business will digitally recreate the collection.

Sapio Analytics’ Manav Kumar said this regarding the collection:

β€œThe initial artwork on WazirX NFT is one of the finest human works ever. We are still selling it at a low price because we feel this launch will create a new market for Indian artists who focus on the power of emotions in their works, as reflected by these old masterpieces,”

As a consequence, these NFTs will open doors for Indian artists. In summary, the collection will be unique and will help transform how art is created. So the collection will go down in history.


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