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Artemis – A Mobile Focused NFT Platform

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The NFT market is booming now. Art and game creative economies have benefited greatly from NFT. After shaking up these growing markets, NFT is poised to shake up many more. To trade or communicate with an NFT, the existing market needs a compelling user experience. Most NFT platforms:

Lack of social community – Most community behaviors when dealing with NFTs such as discovery, conversation, and showcasing are completed away from the NFT platform. This forces users to jump between programmes, which is irritating.

Inability to produce a personalised user experience – One of Web2.0’s biggest advancements was the ability to create a tailored user experience.
Artemis will alter that.

Artemis is creating the world’s first mobile-focused social NFT platform. Artemis will be a mobile-first experience with a nice and easy-to-use UI. We will build our own in-app social network for artists and consumers to find, debate, share, and exhibit NFTs anytime, anywhere.

Making A Great Mobile NFT Experience

Artemis is a mobile-first experience. Mobile integration was one of Web2.0’s major advances, capturing significant user time spent and engagement. Artemis is built with this in mind.

people to enjoy and engage with their NFTs 24/7, as well as share and discuss them with others everywhere.

Creating an In-App NFT Community

Artemis, like any NFT marketplace, allows for buying and selling. The social aspect is vital to the overall user experience, in addition to a thriving and safe marketplace for artists and users. We want our consumers to be able to do everything NFT in one app. All activities – from finding and debating with artists to engaging, sharing and commenting with friends – will be performed inside Artemis, eliminating the need to transfer platforms.

Artemis is based on Web2.0 applications like PinDuoDuo, Xiaohongshu, and Futu, combining functionality and community aspects seamlessly.

Bringing The NFT Industry To Reality

Artemis is highly optimistic about NFTs. We love inventive creator initiatives that have built sticky and vibrant communities, and we want to help current and new NFT projects thrive.

With Artemis, we want to bring the NFT industry into the real world. At Artemis, we see NFT technology being used in real-world applications such as tickets, luxury, and unique experiences. This kind of regular use case integration will make NFT more viable and grow the industry’s user base.

Ticketing – Premium tickets for concerts and sporting events are a wonderful opportunity to use NFT technology to ensure ticket authenticity and combat secondary black market scalping.

High-end luxury is ripe for NFTs. Most items in this area are expensive, difficult to counterfeit, and illiquid. In this situation, NFT technology can establish provenance while enhancing supply chain efficiency.

Experiments Millennials, in particular, have increased their need for unique experiences in recent years. NFT technology may be used to give exclusive access to information from a celebrity or personality. We see huge possibility in the present context where consumers cherish such unique experiences.
Artemis is delighted to discuss these potential and introduce them to our platform.

Upcoming Features:

We have a healthy pipeline and are working on several intriguing Artemis features: Launcher

Cross-chain skills
Ticketing Fiat payments
Artemis is set to begin in January 2022 with a desktop and mobile online version, followed by a mobile app. A social community component and the first high-profile exclusive collection of redeemable NFT are expected to arrive in Q1 2022.

Join us on our quest to revolutionize the NFT experience! Visit our website and follow our Artemis Market accounts to stay updated.


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