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Beeple’s $69Million Masterpiece Is Honored In DeepBlack NFT Project

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No such thing as a coincidence in NFT. In a soon-to-be revealed Discord channel, traders, speculators, and collectors are constantly reading the tea leaves. They want to answer the issue of how, why, and when the next NFT collection will be rescued from relative obscurity and raised to ‘blue chip’ status.

A wide church of initiatives and collections designated ‘historically important NFT’s’ is developing. In October 2021, a full collection of My Curio Cards sold for $1.2M at Christie’s. It’s now normal to see representatives from all the big auction houses dispatched into NFT Twitter to find the next historically noteworthy project.

His work has become a gauge for the larger bitcoin and NFT industry after Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) sold The First 5000 Days for $69M. His enormous digital artworks are full with easter eggs (both hidden and not). To celebrate Punk4156’s birthday, Beeple created a dystopic and future King-Kong featuring CryptoPunk #4156. With Winkelmann’s relevancy and market-making abilities, the artist must be conscious of his power.

The DeepBlack community was surveyed on what Pete should do with his collage. In the hope that Beeple would enjoy this amazing homage to his art, the community chose to mint this piece as a 1/1 and deliver it directly to Beeple’s Ethereum address.


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