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Binance Launches NFT with K-Pop Talent Agency

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Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced on February 8 that it has inked an MoU with South Korean international entertainment giant YG Entertainment. To expand their influence over the blockchain business, which includes bitcoin, NFTs, and the star of Web 3.0, Metaverse, two firms have signed an MoU.

Various blockchain initiatives will be investigated, developed, and executed. The conglomerate wants to construct a Metaverse, develop Binance Smart Chain-based gaming platforms and services, and a place where individuals can own and trade digital assets.

Big Bang, AKMU, BLACKPINK, TREASURE, and iKON are all under the YG Entertainment umbrella. YG Entertainment also has a wide range of Intellectual Property (IP) rights due to its involvement in record labels, event management, and music publishing.

Binance, in collaboration with YG, will be able to leverage these rights to generate digital assets. This will allow the firms to provide unique offerings and experiences for fans and others. “YG is a well-known global entertainment company. “Both Binance and YG will continue to strive for leadership in their respective fields,” said Helen Hai, Binance NFT Global Head.


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