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Can Buying NFTs Steal Your IP Address? Report


There’s some saddening news being reported about NFTs and we couldn’t help but bring it to your notice.

Vice is reporting that buying NFTs can potentially expose your IP address to scammers.

New NFTs capture IP addresses to show how NFT marketplaces like OpenSea allow sellers or attackers to load custom code when someone visits an NFT listing.

Bax and his colleagues are developing NFTs that capture IP addresses. One takes the viewer’s IP address and puts it in a panel for Bax to look at later.

According to the NFT’s explanation on OpenSea, it just saves your IP address as you load up the listing on OpenSea.

Another NFT on OpenSea shows the viewer’s IP address in the NFT itself.

How do NFT IP attacks work

An attacker can use an IP address to determine a viewer’s location, generally down to the city. Attackers can then use that data to try to find out more about the victim, such as their true name or physical address if stored elsewhere or included in a prior site breach.

Here’s the full story on Vice.


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