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Coachella lifetime tickets will be available as NFTs

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Coachella is now offering lifelong festival passes, but you need an NFT to acquire one. The festival today unveiled an FTX US-built NFT marketplace, with three collections going on sale on February 4th.

The business will auction the Coachella Keys Collection, a set of ten NFTs with lifetime festival tickets. “Access to Coachella-produced virtual experiences forever” will be included with the token. NFT sales also include VIP access and a celebrity chef supper at the 2022 event.

Not surprisingly, Coachella parent company AEG dubbed the Staples Center the Arena in November, and other traditional businesses have proved there’s money to be earned by tying tangible items and services to digital ones.

NFT resales typically earn profits for the original seller, which may be beneficial for a lifetime pass. Reselling the NFTs generates revenue for Coachella, photographers, artists, and designers.


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