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First credit card for NFTs launched!


MoonPay has announced the debut of NFT Checkout, the first plug-and-play solution, by which you can buy NFTs with a credit card.

NFT Checkout allows businesses, producers, and marketplaces to sell and purchase NFTs using a credit card. The greater card clearance rates for NFTs than normal crypto on-ramps might lead to up to three times more sales.

Previously, to buy NFTs, one had to first buy cryptocurrencies, then swap them for NFTs, resulting in a complicated and difficult procedure with poor conversion rates.

MoonPay’s new solution allows clients to buy NFTs using credit cards without first holding crypto.

In addition, the plug-in transfers NFTs straight to an on-chain wallet address, including Ethereum and Polygon.

NFTs can be purchased using credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, SEPA, wire transfers, open banking, or other low-cost payment methods.


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