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Emirates Post to issue NFT stamps in UAE

Emirates Post NFT

On December 2, Emirates Post Groupwill issue this unprecedented generation of stamps with four separate NFT stamps to coincide with the nation’s Golden Jubilee. These unique NFT stamps will be marketed as digital treasures connected to their physical counterparts.

Emirates Post NFT

In keeping with Emirates Post’s vision of becoming a more digital-centered firm, we are delighted to announce the debut of the first NFT stamp in the area that uses blockchain technology. Through NFT stamps, we are bridging the gap between conventional stamps and digital currencies.”

“This new generation of stamps is a tribute to our skills and efforts to change into a more digitally-centered firm to better serve our consumers. The stamps will be released on December 2, 2021, the country’s 50th birthday. “NFT fans may collect, swap, and trade our stamps, which represent the UAE’s history and milestones,” Alashram said.

Like other digital tokens, NFT stamps have digital equivalents recorded on the blockchain and may be collected, exchanged, or used for online exchange. The four NFT stamps have unique designs based on the UAE national theme. The Golden Jubilee 2021 is a luxury edition containing a gram of pure gold.

The second stamp, “Spirit of the Union – 1971”, represents the founding fathers’ formation of the country. The third stamp reads “Year of the 50th – 2021” and the fourth design reads “Projects of the 50th 2071”.

The digital design connected to the physical stamp is only visible after scanning the QR code printed on the front of the card. The stamp has a cryptographic NFC chip that can be verified by any smartphone with NFC.

Each stamp has a unique code buried beneath the card that may be scanned to activate the block chain equivalent. Users may link their digital crypto wallets to the NFT or add it as a collection.

The NFT stamps will be available for purchase on December 2, 2021.


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