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Final NFT Land Sale Announced by Cardano Metaverse

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This is the third and final Cardano NFT Land auction for the metaverse project, following the October and November 2021 sales.

In addition, each 100,000 Land parcel has a unique Cardano NFT with co-ordinates that can be located and customised on Owners can eventually add 3D scenery and games to their metaverse parcels. The project’s focus is on interoperability.

The Cardano metaverse project is currently 60% sold out, with the remaining 40,000 Lands going for sale in the next weeks. Due to considerable over-subscription, the metaverse team is taking their time with the final sale.

A newcomer to the metaverse, follows in the footsteps of Decentraland and Sandbox on the Ethereum chain.

Data from indicates Pavia Land parcel NFTs are one of the most traded NFTs ever, as the community seeks to claim some of the hottest Metaverse digital real estate.

Recent media coverage has improved the project’s profile. The project’s crew is quick to stress out that the endeavour is long-term. has further information and connections to the project’s Discord and Twitter accounts.


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