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G2 Esports launches NFT ‘Social Club’

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A new NFT initiative named Samurai Army has been created by G2 Esports in conjunction with Metaplex, an NFT ecosystem on the Solana platform.

Samurai Army will be a random samurai NFT. According to the project’s official website, there are 6262 potential samurai pairings to gather.

G2 Esports calls the concept a ‘social club for gamers’. Members of the Samurai Army may learn about each samurai, fight bosses, and gain prizes.

Characters will have five variables: helmet, weapon, chest, arm piece, and backdrop. G2 Esports has introduced a community award scheme based on NFTs for long-time supporters of the organisation.

“We constructed this initiative for those who believe in G2 and our commitment to interact with our fans physically and online for decades to come,” said Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports.

Members of Samurai Army may anticipate paid excursions to key tournaments, signed jerseys and equipment, and access to special events. NFT holders will also gain early access to future G2 NFTs celebrating the organization’s successes, expansions, and player moments.

G2 Esports had already announced an NFT project. In 2021, the group teamed up with NFT and cryptocurrency business Bondly to develop G2-themed NFTs. This cooperation appears to be over. The original press release has been removed from G2 Esports’ website, and no fresh modifications have been made.


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