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Gem.Xyz is acquired by OpenSea, consolidating a powerful tool for traders


OpenSea has announced the acquisition of Gem, an NFT marketplace aggregator, for an unknown sum. According to OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer in a blog post, they made this change to better the experience of their more seasoned, professional users and power dealers who will buy in bulk. has recently gained notoriety for developing a clean and polished (for web3) marketplace that enables customers to purchase NFTs in bulk from a single collection, allowing collectors to package a bundle and save gas on transactions.

In the future, OpenSea and Gem will collaborate closely to supply their consumers with the products they require, but GEM will continue to operate independently for the time being.

Collectors and wallet-peepers have recently become more aware of, as they observe the progress of projects and floors before deciding to rush in and sweep collections with potential upside. Gem has also received praise for having a more open roadmap and planned feature releases and integrations than most other projects in the area. In fact, on their page, you can observe (and recommend) future improvements.

In addition to allowing collectors to select NFTs to package into their cart (and see how much gas they will save), the tool has one of the most impressive filtering capabilities in the space, allowing them to filter by rarity, price, marketplace, and any number of other properties available on a collection. You can also combine multiple collections into a single transaction (if you choose that scenario). An example of how a packaged group of veefriends series 2 nfts could be integrated into a single transaction can be seen below.


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