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HolySharks – An art collection and NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain

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HolySharks is an art collection and NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain.

P2E NFT game on Binance Smart Chain, allowing players to seek prizes and experience in the magnificent universe of Holyworld. Holyshark was created by a group of multipurpose talents from prominent software and creative organisations.

By immersing players in an aquatic realm, HolySharks hopes to help the Ocean economy grow. They own things, get passive money, and live beneath sharks. In Holyshark’s universe, players may create attractive characters, make friends, and play activities like farming crops, raising animals, exploiting, basic games with friends, and expanding territory.

Users progressively explore Holyworld by taking care of crops, pets, excavating mines, lending, borrowing, and exchanging items in the Marketplace, which serves to produce a continual flow of money in the ocean economy. Players may also enjoy the metaverse game by shopping, fishing, and decorating their territory. Sharks may also collect goods and compete in competitions.


Holyshark NFT is not only a collectible asset but also a character in the game with the same shape and components as NFT. Each character in the game is distinct, demonstrating the NFTs’ individuality.

An NFT is a random combination of over 14 pieces, each with a distinct rarity, providing an incredibly diversified and rich collection. Their objective is to personalize not just the NFT collection but also the characters in the game, thereby increasing the inherent worth of NFT.


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