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How to create NFTs for free!

In this article, I’ll show you how to create NFTs for free! Yay!

As NFTs gain popularity, more folks are showing interest to make NFTs on their own. Those with little or no coding expertise may be intimidated by the required technical knowledge and abilities. Not to mention minting an NFT collection.

Fortunately, there are tools and apps available today that can help individuals develop NFTs without coding.

Let’s look at how to create NFTs.

NFT Generator

Create layers, input art assets, and make NFT collections using this tool. With up to 100 assets, it is free. The free edition has a watermark though, that’s the only catch.

Paid levels range from $179 for 1,000 assets to $389 for 10,000 assets. And it can even generate smart contracts for your NFT collection. It charges 4.9 percent on each NFT sold in the main sale for smart contracts.

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Create your own Digital NFTs without coding using Appy Pie Design. Appy Pie Design gives you all the tools you need to create stunning NFT art. Unique template-based NFT art creation by Appy Pie Design.

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Another free NFT generator tool that will let you generate your own collection of NFTs easily. This AI tool makes art and graphics from basic text instructions.

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With this tool you can easily create NFTs for free with simple drag and drop tools. No coding or technical skills required.

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How to create your own NFT marketplace


Medora is an NFT digital asset marketplace based on Ethereum. Built using Solidity, Web3, IPFS, and React.js. A stable and robust marketplace is built using Medora, which has a user-friendly design that works on both PCs and mobiles.

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It is designed and coded utilizing current methodologies. It’s a multi-dimensional, SEO-friendly NFT marketplace HTML5 template.

It’s suited for NFT, digital, crypto-collectibles, and digital art websites.

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Creating NFTs requires a lot of investment and time but you can also create NFTs for free using the right tools. Of course, there are some limitations but you can create NFTs and even sell them at the marketplaces.

All the best!


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