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HTC VIVE Opens NFT Trading Platform

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HTC VIVE has created a Metaverse arts and culture shop for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the tech giant revealed on Thursday.

Content providers will have “complete control” over NFT editions and selling formats in both fiat and crypto currencies.

A future digital realm would need to enable “seamless transactions between fiat and cryptocurrency, owning products and NFT trading, utilising your wallet as your identity, connecting and cooperating, encryption, privacy,” according to the Taoyuan-based firm.

The Mucha Foundation has partnered with VIVE Arts to sell NFTs created by famed Czech artist Alphonse Mucha.

XR solutions have created a new medium for creative material and substantially enlarged the reach and breadth of work from global content providers

As part of its worldwide ‘Power of Travel’ campaign, Marriot Bonvoy employed three digital artists to showcase their XR-based NFTs at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021.

At the London Design Festival in August, Yoyo Munk, Tin Drum’s Chief Science Officer, described the complicated processes and effect of XR artwork on audiences.

An event in late November promoted entrepreneurs, content makers, and IT enterprises at the Realities Centre in London. Psychic VR Labs, inventor of the STYLY platform, sponsored the event together with Unity, OpenBrush, and TiltBrush.


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