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Johnny Depp is selling NFTs of his artwork

Johnny Depp NFTs

Celebrity portrait painter Johnny Depp is selling almost 10,000 unique NFTs.

The actor is releasing the non-fungible tokens under the collection name “Never Fear Truth.”

The images feature Johnny, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Hunter S. Thompson, Heath Ledger, Lily-Rose Depp, Tim Burton, Johnny’s late dog Mooh, and Bunnyman, a fictitious character created by his kid.

Describing his use of art to express himself, Depp stated, “I’ve always used art to reflect on those who mean most to me – my friends and family.” My paintings surround me, but I keep them to myself. No one should ever be limited.”

Depp’s style is a blend of pop and street art, with brilliant colours and pop-culture icons. His paintings are supposed to be reflections of the individual’s character as seen by Depp.

Including cryptocurrency education and a fair raffle to distribute purchase rights, Johnny’s supporters have a good chance of success, even if they have never bought an NFT before.

The remaining 1,111 NFTs will be retained by Depp, who will donate them to fans and organizations.


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