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Jupiter Meta launches India’s first completely curated NFT marketplace today

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Jupiter Meta will launch India’s first completely curated NFT marketplace on February 23, just as NFTs are sweeping the digital art and collectibles sector. The digital marketplace will focus on music, cinema, and gaming, giving people unique experiences in the metaverse.

NFTs are non-fungible, non-replaceable tokens. These digital materials include music, drawings, paintings, and videos. Purchased and sold online using cryptocurrency.

Jupiter Meta, established by Sathyan Rajan and Chakradhar Reddy Kommera, aims to provide consumers “a more active and intimate sense to their metaverse interactions”.” There are no gas expenses associated with the company’s marketplace. The blockchain is green, sustainable, and user-safe.

A collection of digital art pieces depicting landmarks, sites, food, places of worship, beaches, and other symbolic images of the city will also be launched by the firm. These things will be available as NFTs on the Jupiter Meta marketplace. Karthik SS of 108 Collective is the project’s artist.

Karthik SS says: “The project is highly personal to me as a Chennai native. An ode to Chennai, its people, language and cuisine. Also the city’s pride in technology. The metaverse is huge for artists, and fresh chances abound.”

The Jupiter Meta is a product of our aim to build a metaverse for anyone, not only tech geeks, stated Manasa Rajan, Business Head of the Jupiter Meta. We are excited to be at the beginning of a paradigm change in what Web 3.0 can achieve for us. We’re all defining pop culture right now, and it’s just going to grow.”


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