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Lagunitas becomes the first brewing company NFT brand in Latin America


Lagunitas released its “Disco De Quintal” EP digitally in November. The EP was created by Lagunitas and comprises six unique tracks by prominent figures in the Brazilian indie music industry. Lagunitas is now commemorating the EP’s creation, but digitally.

They collaborated with Byte (part of Dept) to create NFTs of a conventional backyard. The NFTs are available through OpenSea on the Ethereum platform. Each NFT purchased also unlocks special rewards for consumers, such as an iconic mason jar and a “Disco de Quintal” record.

The Lagunitas NFT auction money will go to a Brazilian animal welfare NGO.

Like many beers, the initiative promotes and values home-grown projects. It provides a unique experience for customers who prefer to explore disruptive realms.


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