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Latest Samsung TVs to get NFT feature!


Samsung announced the availability of a new feature in an unusual press release to kick off the new year.

According to the company’s press release, the 2022 smart television lineup will include a new function that supports the NFT market.

NFT artists and collectors will both benefit from this support. All artists will be able to list their digital art on the platform, and interested collectors will be able to browse the listings.

According to the press release, the company is launching the world’s first TV-based NFT marketplace.

That is correct, as NFT has previously only been available on mobile devices and laptop screens. Until now, no other television maker has taken this step. Following Samsung’s lead, other manufacturers are anticipated to follow suit.

For the time being, the NFT feature will apparently allow potential collectors to browse, buy, and display digital art NFTs that they have purchased. They will get the opportunity to try out the NFT before purchasing it. The feature will also make the history of digital art available.

Collectors will also be able to learn about the blockchain metadata associated with digital art.

Samsung is introducing more than simply a fantastic marketplace for digital artists. It also provides them with a smart calibration feature.

Netflix and Dolby Vision have sported this feature proudly on their shoulders. Samsung will now incorporate it into its 2022 smart TV portfolio.

The feature will optimize the display of digital art to show the image quality as close to the original as possible. Collectors will not be required to take any action. The smart television would make the necessary adjustments automatically.

Collectors will be able to see a list of their NFTs at the top of the page and then explore the various areas below.

Samsung has everyone on the edge of their seats. More information will be released soon after the debut of the entire smart TV line-up for 2022.

Competitors will undoubtedly keep an eye on how well it is received by clients. If the answer is positive, it’s likely that additional smart TV manufacturers will follow suit. If the answer is negative, one can only hope that the tendency continues to drop without causing any harm to customers.

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