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Launch of DeVere Group’s NFT platform for new digital asset type

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DeVere Group has introduced dV Gems, a non-fungible token (NFT) platform designed to simplify digital ownership for investors.

An NFT is a digital asset that is owned by a blockchain, a tamper-proof digital ledger.

In 2021, a digital-only piece of art will sell for $69 million.

Celebs, artists, and companies have been buying and selling tokens since then.

deVere Group CEO and founder Nigel Green said: “NFTs are an interesting new asset class that should not be neglected by long-term investors.

“These digital assets are immutable and exchangeable, making them a good source of wealth.

“Global investors are keen to stake their positions in this new environment.

“We’ve developed dV Gems to allow our clients to participate in the building of the digital financial infrastructure.

“This platform will assist clients and prospects identify potential winners. We’ll help you comprehend the new market and why we think NFTs are the future of financial investment.”

And now they can do so with NFTs, according to De Vere.

Sports are already a prominent focus for NFT collectors worldwide, with big companies like Formula 1 and the NBA engaged.

“We’re pleased to launch our own collection of Sport NFTs featuring up-and-coming sports talents,” says deVere Group investment director James Green.

“NFTs are a terrific way for sports fans to connect with their favourite teams, athletes, and historical occasions. A new digital method to own sports treasures is now available with the dV Gems Platform.”

Dr Abdalla Kablan of Ventures adds: “Decentralised technologies are democratising fan engagement and loyalty capture and reward.

“Market access, secure storage, and cross chain interactions are a few of the advantages of using NFTs to build and reward an engaged loyal fan base.”

Nigel Green adds: “deVere has always been innovative in finance. Introducing our new NFT platform.

“Uniquely positioned to help investors see value and opportunity in a digital financial era, dV Gems will provide immediate access to the decade’s hottest emerging asset class – an asset class that will become a standard feature of investment portfolios within a few years.”


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