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Lil Yachty sues NFT seller for stealing his name

Lil’ Yachty NFT

Lil Yachty is suing Opulous, an NFT supplier, for trademark infringement.

The vendor allegedly utilized Yachty’s name and likeness to raise almost $6.5 million. In a recent case in Los Angeles federal court.

Yachty claims he was sold the concept and joined a second call for “a general introduction meeting,” but no contract was ever made.

Defendants knew that they did not have authorization to utilize plaintiff’s name, trademark or image… yet did so anyways because [it] was beneficial to Defendants’ commercial enterprise, in blatant and conscious disregard for plaintiff’s exclusive legal rights,” Yachty’s lawyers wrote.

“There were no further communications between the parties, and accordingly no agreement or deal terms for plaintiff’s involvement in the defendants’ launch of the Opulous platform was ever reached,”
he wrote in the lawsuit.



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