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MasterCard Partners with Coinbase to make NFTs

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Mastercard has teamed with US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) more accessible to anyone.

For the future NFT marketplace, Coinbase announced cooperation with Mastercard on January 18. Cointelegraph’s Prakash Hariramani said that his business aims to simplify user experience so more individuals may join the NFT ecosystem.

In his blog, Hariramani outlined his aims and tactics for cooperating with Mastercard: * To qualify NFTs as digital products, Coinbase is collaborating with Mastercard.

More people will be able to buy NFTs.

Coinbase is working on accepting Mastercard payments.

A better Coinbase NFT customer experience with Mastercard.

Coinbase would endeavor to make NFTs more available to a larger environment via Mastercard’s worldwide network.

Mastercard also expressed joy over the relationship and permitted card purchases for Coinbase’s future NFT marketplace, said.

Increasing the number of individuals using NFTs is the greatest approach to help the industry grow, according to the business. Mastercard sees NFT going beyond art and antiques.

On October 12, 2021, Coinbase announced the debut of their NFT marketplace, Coinbase NFT, which would make minting, acquiring, exhibiting, and finding NFTs simpler than ever.

The business said that adding social elements will expand the creative community immensely, benefiting both artists and fans


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