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Meta Mansions – KEYS Token’s First Luxury NFT Community

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Meta Houses by KEYS is a first-of-its-kind residential community of 8,888 virtual NFT luxury mansions developed inside the new KEYS Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Whitelisted KEYS Token holders will have unique access to the Meta Mansions NFT mint today, with more privileges to follow in the KEYS Metaverse.

The Meta Mansions NFT series was designed for the mobile-first KEYS Metaverse, powered by Unreal Engine 5 β€” the world’s most powerful digital gaming engine. Participants will get a piece of land in the KEYS Metaverse that will be completely interactive, adjustable, and habitable in high-fidelity VR/AR/3D.

The KEYS Metaverse has eight unique biomes, special skins and texture packs, and more. Users may monetise their houses and earn access to exclusive KEYS Metaverse features and discounts.

β€œMeta Mansions are extensions of users’ identities,” said KEYS Token CPO Noah Kent. A magnificent, lifelike luxury home experience that will wow even the most discriminating eye, with further customization and personalization options allowing users to construct their own environment.


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