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NFT adoption urged by Bondly’s ‘Mint-on-Demand’ platform

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Mint-on-Demand eliminates the need for a crypto wallet and unneeded minting or gas expenses.

NFT system Bondly has launched ‘Mint-on-Demand’ to assist NFT developers and communities on Spring commerce.

Bondly said the move is the latest in a series to propel the creative economy into Web 3.0.

The Mint-on-Demand platform, according to Bondly COO Rob Tran, is a step ahead in fostering mainstream adoption of NFTs for artists, influencers, and micro-influencers.

“The platform is built for accessibility and does not require a wallet or gas fees,” he said.

That makes it extremely strong and will speed up acceptance, says Spring and Bondly’s user experience design.

Tran noted that choosing Polygon was easy.

“Using Polygon guarantees the network is both EVM compliant and scalable,” he added.

“There may be future opportunities to extend into other networks.”

Bondly said that Mint-on-Demand made constructing an NFT easier because there were no upfront charges, no crypto wallet required, and no wasteful minting or gas fees.

Spring CEO Chris Lamontagne sees Bondly as a key partner in the future digital transformation.

“This relationship is predicated on common ideals about environmental impact and sustainability,” he said.

“Mint-on-Demand only mints NFTs that have been bought, reducing waste. The social commerce revolution.

It is also a big milestone in our aim to establish basic NFT infrastructure to support Web3 adoption, said Bondly CEO Harry Liu.

With the direct connection possibilities of the new digital collectable environment, designers like Moriah Elizabeth, The Dungeon Coach, and Caroline Manning can establish and enhance their burgeoning communities.


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