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NFT “Clock” Sells for $52.7M to Aid Julian Assange’s Defense

Julian Assange NFT
Julian Assange NFT

Today, AssangeDAO won the offer for Assange and Pak’s Clock NFT. That makes it one of the most valuable artworks ever sold at 16,953 ETH ($52.7 million). In the end, it was second only to Beeple’s EVERYDAYS in terms of NFT sales.

What is Clock NFT? A single NFT portrays a timer, counting Assange’s days in captivity. Censored by Pak & Assange featured a dynamic open edition.

Assange, editor, and publisher of WikiLeaks, risks extradition to the US and up to 175 years in prison. With Assange’s cooperation, Pak and Assange organized the auction.

The AssangeDAO consists of over 10,000 Assange supporters who pooled their funds to buy the NFT. The DAO was created in December 2021 solely to buy the artwork. They want Assange freed “at any costs.”

Now that AssangeDAO has Clock, what will they do with the remaining 17,422 ETH ($56 million)?


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