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NFT Gaming Generative Game HIDECRYPTOPANICZooKeeper to Launch ZooGenes On November 14th

On November 14th, 10,000 unique NFT characters will be distributed over three rounds. Existing ZOO holders received a Yggdrazil Keepsake and will be given precedence during the first 6 hours of sal

ZooGenes: A New Gaming Generative NFT

ZooGenes are ZooKeeper’s gaming-oriented randomly generated NFTs. These characters can be utilised in future ZooKeeper games in 3D. Each character will have unique visual traits and abilities (Strength, Agility…) that will be applied to all future ZooKeeper games.

ZooGenes Traits

How many ZooGenes are there? For starters, there are 30 unique animals, each with unique face expressions, names, costumes, accessories, unusual backgrounds, and effects. With all these modifications, there are 21.8 billion possible designs.

Plus, each ZooGenes skill will work in all future ZooKeeper games. ZooGenes animals will have 3D counterparts in ZooKeeper games like ZooRacers, developed by ZooKeeper partner Yggdrazil.

ZooGenes Abilities

There are 15 skills accessible for each ZooGenes, which are selected at random and split into three categories (Power, Mind, and Special). All skills will receive a full set of points, with appropriate rarity classes (N, R, SR, SSR, or UR). Among the subcategories are:

sway (strength, constitution, dexterity, defense, attack)
Observe (intelligence, wisdom, charisma, willpower, perception)
Unique (luck, psyche, recovery, magical, social)
Buying ZooGenes

ZooGenes are tradable and playable characters that may be bought by anyone with WAN funds. Holders simply need to purchase and join the line to receive their first unique ZooGenes. For simplicity and universality, ZooGenes can only be purchased via WAN. ZooGenes will eventually be traded on

Prices and Rounds

The first round will sell 4,000 ZooGenes for $60, the second round will sell 3,000 for $70, and the final round will sell 3,000 for $80. Only WAN can buy all 10,000 ZooGenes.

The first wave of 4,000 ZooGenes is only available to YGGDRAZIL Keepsake owners for the first 6 hours. All ZOO token holders have already received the Keepsakes.

Multichain BatZooRacers — Multichain Battle Karts

ZooRacers is a play-and-earn racing game with playable NFT characters from ZooKeeper & Yggdrazil. Each driver has distinct appearance, skills, and stats that can be used in any subsequent ZooKeeper game.

ZooKeeper will also fund all transaction fees on new wallets generated for the game (exclusively for Wanchain players). The game is anticipated to be released in Q2 2022, with a beta version accessible in Q1 2022. ZooRacers will be available on macOS, PC, Android, and iOS.


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