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NFT Marketplace Rarible’s First Ad is Now Live


Rarible, a new NFT marketplace, launched its first marketing campaign on Tuesday.

The site previously teamed with Twitter, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Lindsay Lohan, and French Montana, among others.

The campaign, named “Anything is Possible, All Are Welcome,” is led by Bonfire Labs and Wachsman and comprises an anthem video introducing Rarible, its mission, and its values.

Rarible pledges to create an inclusive and sustainable digital cosmos.

To do so, it has teamed up with Tezos and Less Energy Consumption, with whom it will “likely” fund a Pussy Riot concert.

From November 30 to December 5, Rarible will reimburse the cost of carbon reduction for each NFT coined on its platform by Nori and Negative Carbon Footprint. As well as the Women Rise 10K NFT collection to promote women and diversity in NFT.

Art Basel Miami next week will showcase the efforts.

“The NFT area is simply exploding,” said Christina Thelin, vice president and director of marketing. “Our objective is to be the hub of discourse and engagement for these groups at the convergence of culture and innovation.”

With the campaign, Rarible hopes to raise brand recognition and distinguish itself from the numerous other NFT markets coming up, said Thelin.

“Rarible wants to be the most inclusive, open, and trustworthy NFT community,” she stated.


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