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NFT Platform Unicly Launches its Collection

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This week, Unicly debuted its first collections. Their service helps purchasers into the NFT market. Es gibt acht milliardäre Sammlungen mit reichhaltigen Angeboten Users may invest in CryptoPunks, Aavegotchi, and Beeple.

Unicly has grown significantly since its April 7 debut. They’ve produced over $20M in volume and over $30M in cash. The platform now has over $70M in fractionalized NFTs.

Fractionalized NFTs

Ordinary crypto purchasers may now own a fraction of elite tokens. Less expensive than buying a single NFT, fractional exchanges break ownership into ownership chunks.

While a CryptoPunk might for over $300,000, a share in one can be purchased for about $20 through Unicly. Each fraction gains value when the price of the main NFT rises.

However, being a permissionless protocol, Unicly does not protect users against fraud. They advise people to perform their own research before investing.


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