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On Twitter, Elon Musk takes a shot at Twitter, Web3, and NFTs

Elon Musk has previously criticised Twitter for not adhering to free speech values and stated he was considering developing a new social media platform in the run-up to his public disclosure of a $3 billion stake in the microblogging site.

Web3, a term for a utopian internet that is decentralised and relies on non-fungible tokens as its commercial backbone, has been criticised by the world’s richest person in recent months (NFT).
Musk and Dorsey are both avid supporters of cryptocurrencies, but they have a suspicion about NFTs, the metaverse, and Web3, which some consider to be a step forward in the internet.

Among Musk’s many comments on Twitter, Web3, NFTS, and free speech are his mocking remarks about Twitter’s new CEO and his use of the word “annoying” in reference to NFT profile images.


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