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Pablo Picasso enters NFT Art Market

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His successors have gotten Picasso into internet commerce with NFTs. Way to go!

The artist’s family is selling 1,010 digital art pieces of one of his never-before-seen ceramic works. They will be NFTs, digital tokens that are sweeping traditional sales marketplaces.

Marina Picasso and her son Florian Picasso, Picasso’s granddaughter and son-in-law, show off what they call an unparalleled synthesis of old-school fine art with digital materials in a Geneva apartment.

Florian Picasso chose the “fun one” to start the family on the bright ceramic sculpture. But he thinks the NFT honors the artist.

Some of the revenues will go to a charity that helps nurses in need, and another to a non-profit that helps decrease carbon emissions. The NFTs will also feature music from DJ and producer Florian Picasso, composer John Legend, and rapper Nas.


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