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Pacsun’s first NFT series is now live!

Pacsun NFT

Pacsun has introduced its new non-fungible token (NFT) series, Pac Mall Rats, as part of its youth-centric strategy.

The first batch will have three rat NFTs, each symbolising a Los Angeles retail location. It expects to release 300 more Pac Mall Rats over time, equating to Pacsun’s mall and standalone shop presence.

Each figure was created by Pacsun’s in-house team and features things from current ads and product efforts.

“We recognise that the virtual and real worlds are equally important to our Pacsun community, and Pac Mall Rats is a true mix of the two,” said Pacsun president Brie Olson. It is based on the character of PacSun Kids who adore the mall and are highly affected by Metaverse.

It follows the brand’s inaugural NFT, which debuted in November 2021 and was inspired by its wave emblem. The NFT sold for more than the asking amount, according to the shopkeeper, proving initial interest in Pacsun’s presence in the region.

“We realised, like many of our digital touchpoints, that NFTs are another entryway to talk to our consumer,” she continued.

Starting February 7, the current Pac Mall Rats collection will be auctioned off by Open Sea for $200. Each purchase comes with a tangible clothing piece reflecting the purchased NFT.


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