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POTUS NFT Collection Announced by Melania Trump

Melania Trump NFT

Despite winning an auction for her first NFT, Melania Trump is releasing another set of digital artefacts.

The “POTUS NFT Collection” will include NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of Mount Rushmore, the White House, and Air Force One, Trump added. 10,000 solana NFTs for $50.

As a result, the artwork of each NFT is exposed only after purchase, Trump remarked. “Collectors can buy multiples to own the POTUS Trump Collection.”

The offer starts on Presidents Day, Feb. 21.

Trump’s NFT plans are in doubt after Bloomberg revealed Melania Trump bought her first NFT. The cash used to buy Trump’s collection were tracked to the project’s developers’ pocket.

Trump launched her “Head of State Collection” late last year, which included a white hat, a portrait of herself, and a voice recording. It started at $250,000 but ended up selling for around $180,000.

Trump’s spokeswoman denied the project’s founder bought its NFT.

“The Blockchain protocol is transparent by design. As a result, the public can see every transaction on the blockchain,” a spokesman stated. “A third-party buyer was represented.”


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