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Real Russian tanks are being sold as NFTs by Ukrainian farmers.

If you’ve been looking for a Soviet combat tank, your search is now complete. Three Russian tanks were recently posted for sale as NFTs on OpenSea by a Ukrainian farmer near Kyiv. You may own a T-64BV for as little as 250 ETH (almost $700,000 at the time of writing). You’ll still have to get a 60-ton people mover out of a warzone without causing any disruptions.

You might be wondering how this ordinary farmer came to own these Soviet tanks. The three tank models were “ethically sourced,” according to the farmer, so you can rest easy knowing the interior will be spotless. Furthermore, the farmer claims that the tanks contain “most, if not all, equipment inside, and they are not haunted.”

The T-64BV, T-72A, and, last but not least, T-80U are the three Russian tank variants available in Ukraine. Each NFT is said to have a secret tag with instructions on how to get the war component and where to get it. Many people, however, are concerned about the Ukrainian government taking the battle tanks. Not to mention the logistical nightmare of getting the equipment out of Ukraine. As a result, no offers for the three Russian military tanks have been placed on OpenSea.


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