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Robin Williams’ son is using NFTs to collect funds for Mental health awareness

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The NFT marketplace has become a “go-to” for generating donations for charities. Giving Block is one bitcoin contribution platform. The website allows charities and non-profits to raise Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This trend is highlighted in Giving Block’s 2021 annual report. “Known NFT projects donated over $12 million in bitcoin to hundreds of organizations on The Giving Block platform.”

There were also money-raising partnerships between NFT artists and nonprofits. #NFT Tuesday, a one-day NFT celebration of NFT charitable giving, including charity auctions organized by Sotheby’s and CoinDesk. The Bored Ape Yacht Club squad also donated to Orangutan Outreach.

Others have turned to NFTs due to the strong relationship between cryptos and philanthropy.

Williams was an actor and comedian who appeared in films including Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfie, Dead Poets Society, and Good Will Hunting. The actor committed suicide in 2014 after battling mental health concerns and Lewy body dementia.

This week, word broke of an NFT effort honoring Robin Williams, with earnings benefiting low-income youth mental health services.

The NFTs on Jesus Martinez’s SuperRare profile was created by Zak Williams, the late actor’s son. The transaction will benefit Bring Change to Mind (BC2M), co-founded by Glenn Close. The charity’s purpose is “to remove mental illness stigma and discrimination.”


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