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Seattle NFT Museum Opens for Enthusiasts

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Despite the fact that non-fungible tokens have been sweeping the art world in recent years, there is no official non-fungible token institution. On January 27th, the world’s first NFT museum opens its doors to the public, encouraging NFT fans to immerse themselves in a digital universe.

This first-of-its-kind museum was created to bring together artists, makers, collectors, and the larger blockchain community. The Belltown Showroom included artwork from larva labs ‘cryptopunks’ series, blake kathryn, and H + creative, among others.

In collaboration with Samsung, Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton created various custom-designed displays that can help break through boundaries at work. Curators and artists have more freedom in how they show their work. SNFTM features some of the most interesting NFT digital art shown on enormous, high-resolution screens.

Wandering about, one may encounter QR codes that take them to various web portals, allowing artists and their fans to engage. Each piece is linked to the token’s information and the authors’ storey.

The museum creators seized the chance to educate and expose the digital art and NFT community. It helps root the NFT experience and unlocks our imaginations for what is to come.


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