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Solanalysis renames itself Hyperspace and raises $4.5 million

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When NFTs took off on Solana in August, it lacked trading markets and data sources to track price fluctuations. Solanalysis built up a niche by tracking and comparing the top NFT collections on the blockchain.

Since then, the data portal has added new services including tracking users’ NFT values. It has released a collection launchpad for NFT projects.

Rebranding, new funding, and an NFT marketplace aggregator to help it grab some NFT trading market share.

The site, now named as Hyperspace, has announced a $4.5 million seed round sponsored by Dragonfly and Pantera Capital. Sfermion, 6th Man Ventures, Soma Capital, Social Capital, and Folius Ventures also invested.

The funds were raised months ago, but the round was recently publicised. Hyperspace also plans to seek funds in the near future.

Hyperspace also plans to enter the NFT trading business via an aggregator. Users of the website can buy NFTs from any of the major Solana NFT markets. The NFTs offered on all marketplaces will be consolidated.

For each NFT marketplace, Hyperspace interacts directly with the smart contracts, which is challenging because they’re all created slightly differently. But it allows site visitors to buy NFTs on any of these marketplaces without leaving the site.


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