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Sorare, a fantasy NFT platform, has teamed up with Major League Soccer.

Fantasy football platform based on non-fungible tokens (NFT). Sorare has teamed with Major Competition Soccer, the major soccer league in the United States (MLS). Sorare already had partnerships with the majority of the league’s teams before to the alliance.

As part of the sponsorship, all MLS players will receive a digital collector card on Sorare’s platform, which will also serve as the official NFT fantasy game for the league. The participation of all players on the platform is likely to make the game more interesting for MLS fans, and the formal partnership with the league may attract new fans who were previously unaware of the site.

Users can create a weekly line-up of five players to compete against other teams in Sorare’s main offering, an NFT fantasy soccer game. The weekly line-ups’ performance is determined by the players’ real relative performance in games during the week, and the highest scorers are rewarded financially. Sorare’s revenue comes from the selling of player cards, which are hard to come by and must be acquired in order to be used in lineups, as well as royalties from secondary market trades.

Sorare has signed with a number of teams around the world, several from leagues that do not have a huge following outside of their home country.

Sorare built its first office in the United States at the end of last year, following a league-wide cooperation with LaLiga and the inclusion of the majority of elite European teams. While the entire American continent is obsessed with soccer, the United States is not necessarily the epicentre of the sport. The MLS is the fifth most popular domestic league, while soccer is the fifth most popular sport in the world.

MLS’s goal for growing interest in the league, in addition to increasing the number of teams to 32, was to bring in well-known international players. As a result, the league has earned the moniker “retirement league,” with players leaving Europe for the MLS at the end of their careers. Recently, there has been a sense that teams are selling their best domestic talent to European clubs, which has angered fans.

A cooperation with Sorare might help the league get visibility alongside big European clubs, garnering the interest of worldwide soccer fans.

In the case of Sorare, the platform is still vying for NFT rights with the Premier League, despite allegations that it isn’t a front-runner. The MLS partnership might help it establish itself as a prominent brand in the soccer NFT market.

Meanwhile, Serena Williams has joined Sorare’s advisory board, indicating that the company is aiming to diversify its sports offerings. In addition, the platform teamed with Homa Games for NFT-based mobile football games, while its connection with Bundesliga brought video services.


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