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Spartan Poker introduces India’s First Gaming NFT at IOPC

Spartan Poker introduces India's First Gaming NFT

In an exclusive interview, Amin Rozani, Founder & CEO of Spartan Group, discusses the forthcoming India Online Poker Championship (IOPC). The online gaming pioneer discusses the primary features of IOPC 2022, why he thinks poker dominates the online gaming spectrum, and the potential of NFTs in the gaming business.

As an online extension of our physical tournament, the India Poker Championship (IPC). In 2009, a handful of us got together in Goa and developed a poker series that rivalled international tournaments. It was a nice homage to the game. With a limited initial turnout, the event developed to the point where adding additional players was risky! In this context, IOPC arose.

Because poker is such a diverse game, we see players from many walks of life participating in IOPC. Because IOPC is India’s greatest poker tournament, we have the whole professional poker community excitedly anticipating and preparing for it for roughly 3 weeks.

Many professional players from non-metros and younger audiences have emerged in recent years, using their knowledge and talent to earn a career playing the game.


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