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Stephen Colbert’s AFT becomes an NFT

Stephen Colbert NFT

Stephen Colbert joined the NFT in November. He didn’t invest in non-fungible tokens. (Or that fuckable Tinder date who won’t shut talking about it.) Instead, Colbert spent several minutes trying to explain to a CBS audience what people with too much electronic pseudo-cash in their digital wallets are doing with it.

“Is this what it feels like to be John Oliver?” Colbert exclaimed after his cartoon-aided explainer.

It was a handwritten prop Colbert referred to as the world’s first AFT, or “Actual Fucking Thing,” at the time. Since it existed in a non-digital realm. Colbert stated that all revenues from the sale of the Frito-scented touchable object will go to Donors Choose, a wonderful nonprofit site for teachers and their classrooms. Well, as Colbert revealed on his Late Show last night, his genuine (expletive) paper bag went for $33,333.

And, again, that’s genuine human cash, meaning some teachers’ classrooms will soon be supplied with tangible school materials.


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