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Steve Aoki Shows Off $859,000 Valued NFT

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After halting a live act to show off his recent acquisition, Steve Aoki’s enthusiasm for NFTs has resurfaced.

The American DJ showed the audience a photo of the $859,000 NFT he had bought from legendary artist doodles.

“Check this tiny adorable creature out,” Aoki said, pausing the music.

“Look! To an adoring throng, he exclaimed, “I had to stop the music because I’m so excited.” “This is the Steve Aoki doodle, guys!”

“Had to pause my concert to celebrate my delight on my doodle!” Aoki tweeted after the show. They make me feel young again.”

Steve Aoki bought the alien doodle for 269.69 ETH, or $859,000. What a deal!

“Just acquired the 9th rarest doodles in existence! I now possess one of just ten alien-themed drawings ever made! “Welcome #2238!”

Since Aoki bought doodle’s valuable collection, the floor price has risen by almost 60%. A Snoop Dogg doodle is said to be among the collection.

Steve Aoki is recognised for his love of the NFT domain, recently creating Oddkey with comic book creator Todd McFarlane.

“I’d wanted to cooperate with him for years,” Aoki told Forbes. This was the right way to accomplish it, develop a marketplace similar to what he’s been doing for decades, but digitally.”


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