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The Beatles and John Lennon NFTs are here!


There’s exciting news coming in from the music industry.

Julian Lennon, John Lennon’s oldest son, is selling items from his personal collection as NFTs.

Auction items include his father’s black cloak from the film Help! and handwritten lyrics for The Beatles’ Hey Jude. NFTs have been hailed as the digital collectible, while detractors warn of market hazards.

The auction also contains NFTs of John Lennon’s Afghan coat from the TV movie Magical Mystery Tour, and three Gibson guitars gifted to Julian Lennon by his father.

Each NFT will be an audio-visual collection, with Julian Lennon narrating the item.

The Paul McCartney NFT for Hey Jude is projected to earn the highest at auction. The opening offer is $30,000 (£22,260), with hopes of bids exceeding that number.

The NFT sale will benefit Julian Lennon’s White Feather Foundation. The online auction is on February 7.

Source – BBC


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