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The First Create To Earn NFT Game Launched

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Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons has everything the NFT community needed to become excited. Its mythical narrative, god-inspired characters, detailed visuals, and MOBA-style mixed-card gameplay set it apart from other NFT games. Most significantly, the game is testing its unique Deity Forge functionality allowing artists, primarily 2D, 3D, and VFX animators, to design their god pictures. Then they may customise the cards with their favourite artists’ graphics and trade or auction them on the Mytheria Market. It is the C2E section for artists. Design fans will be able to earn money in-game, much as NFT art makers. C2E enriches artists in the same way that P2E benefits gamers. They just need to use their abilities to make their job appealing.

This IGO was the first to use God Forge. This functionality will benefit the global creative economy, and a larger test is planned for the upcoming NFT auction events. Artists that contributed to this special sale event were paid directly by Mytheria. When their artworks are exchanged on the Mytheria website, they will be paid a commission.

Only 50 Diamond and 2950 Gold Pandora Packages were claimed within 24 hours of the sale beginning, demonstrating the excitement many long-awaited players felt for this NFT game. The Diamond Package comprised five powerful cards guaranteed to be Legendary Gods or higher, plus a Limited Immortal Zodiac Card. For a limited time, you may acquire a Gold Package containing 10 Gold chests, 50 cards, and Those who missed this IGO may be able to reclaim the Diamond Package. The first 50 Diamond Chests sold out in only 3 seconds, so interested players would need to be quick to claim one in future sales. However, the Gold Chests will never be re-released after this IGO, so whomever gets the Gold Packages now will have a head start in the game and greater chances to acquire God cards.

The 12 Zodiac Animals were a distinctive feature of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture. The cards were in the Diamond and Gold Packages. Diamond Packages assure them. The rate of getting cards in Gold Packages is 1.69 percent, however it will go down. It was the first of 2600 Zodiac Animals Cards to be issued. These cards’ superb creative quality and amazing in-game talents will undoubtedly increase their trade value. Greater Zodiac Cards means more power. If you miss the discounts, you may still purchase on Binance or Mytheria, although not always at the greatest price.

From January 5th to 15th, Mytheria conducted a community contest with a $10,000 prize pool. Users may enrol using the Gleam link to win Diamond, Gold, and USDT packages. Also, 5 fortunate customers who purchased packages during the Binance IGO, and 5 most active members on Mytheria’s Telegram Global Group will get a gift.


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