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“The Kobe Bryant Experience” NFT Series by Kevin Lynch unveiled.

Kevin Lynch, a photographer, and Masterpiece Digital, a digital auction company, have partnered up to release “The Kobe Bryant Experience” NFT series.

The collection consists of four NFT packages, with Lynch’s Black Mamba image being the first to go on sale. The purchaser will receive an interactive 3D card of the iconic photograph, as well as encrypted behind-the-scenes high-resolution photos and an interview with Lynch about his one-on-one work with the late basketball legend.

“I’m very pleased to put my art on the blockchain because I believe there will be a societal revolution in how art is valued.” The traditional art world is beginning to notice. “The ability to exchange and trade art using bitcoin opens up a whole new revenue stream for both artists and collectors,” Lynch said in a statement. “Kobe has left us with a long legacy, therefore collectors and admirers will be interested in these iconographic images of him.”

The RavenCoin Blockchain will be used to mint the Black Mamba NFTs.


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