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The Official Release of the First Decentralized NFT Mining ‘Crypto Stone’ Using Gemma Network Technology

The main speaker of the event, Irvan Tinabudi, opened the Crypto Stone Beta version project. Irvan Tinabudi is a well-known blockchain expert, researcher, journalist, and exchange advisor who works as a blockchain expert, researcher, and journalist.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently becoming the symbol of wealth, following gold and fiat currency,” Irvan said, adding, “What type of blockchain technology can ensure tangible jewellery value if Bitcoin and Ethereum have the value of gold and fiat currency?” Crypto Stone was created in response to this question. Gemma’s first blockchain venture was retail diamond sales, which she launched in collaboration with IDEX. Because Gemma’s token GXT was utilised to purchase diamonds with NFT contracts, this fact was also useful for the company’s new commercial expansion.

Crypto Stone was created using the twelve birthstones as inspiration. Random crypto stones will be mined at the opened threshold with fewer available quantity, mining power can increase with the consumption of GXT tokens on the platform, and mining power can increase with the consumption of GXT tokens on the platform. On OpenSea and GEMMA’s platforms, the mined crypto stones can be traded. It will be recognised by the users for its worth.

Crypto Stones differ from other NFT products in that they assign distinct NFT smart contracts to different coloured and shaped stones. “Crypto Stones will be the first NFT that can be valuable without any digital assets or other contents,” according to GEMMA.

Furthermore, “when GXT token holders acquire mining power by joining a mining pool, Crypto Stones will be created on a regular basis.” All NFT, DEFI, and mining procedures will be conducted using decentralised GEMMA smart contract technology, according to GEMMA. The property of the Cryptos Stone will be distributed at random in 600 cases, with the higher rank indicating more rarity.

“The Crypto Stone platform will be released initially with the mainnet development,” according to GEMMA. “GEMMA expects that the Crypto Stone platform will be the first decentralised NFT mining pool,” he says, adding that “many skilled developers in India and Japan are working so hard to ensure that customers have visual satisfaction and expectations from stone mining.” When the mainnet work is finished in May, the full version of the Crypto Stone platform will be released. The technical explanation is included in a new white paper released by GEMMA. Experts in the field will be interested in Crypto Stone’s technological improvement.

By connecting to a mining NFT game that GEMMA is developing, Crypto Stones will become more accessible. The official website of Crypto Stone Mining Pool is, where you can learn more about the pool.

On the 30th, at NFTConfex, a number of blockchain and Metaverse professionals spoke about the future of the NFT industry and engaged in discussions with other attendees.


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