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This NFT from Dubai is spectacular!


Inclusive metaverse that brings together various digital communities: It sounds like the storyline for the next Matrix film, but it is actually the location for the first Middle Eastern architectural NFT. Babel 4.0, named after the mythological Tower of Babel, may hold the key to greater global collaboration, trust, and peace.

Bringing together a new breed of talent, including gamers, hardware engineers, coders, VFX artists, and storytellers, Dubai-based practice Dewan Architects + Engineers envision Babel 4.0 as an ever-expanding metaverse with tower silos for communal progress.

Babel 4.0 has no owners. The desire to display one’s heritage and share information is a prerequisite for this vertical city. Aside from the Metaverse, the knowledge shared and skills learned here may be utilized in the actual world. Visitors may use their NFTs to visit virtual museums and cultural places, set their stay length using time zones and shortcuts, and even engage with members.

Dewan is now building a dedicated design research lab to serve digital investors and virtual developers. The practice envisions Babel 4.0 as a global non-profit library and thought-space for architects, designers, project managers, and suppliers.

This tower had 100 gates, 25 per side. Dewan plans to manufacture 100 NFTs for the Babel 4.0 collection, which will be gifted to notable academics and design and architectural professionals. Exhibition and presentation plots in the tower may be obtained using NFTs.


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