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Tonale, Alfa Romeo’s New Hybrid SUV, Has An NFT


When Alfa Romeo’s new Tonale hybrid SUV debuts in 2023, it will also include a free non-fungible token (NFT). Alfa Romeo also demonstrated a cryptocurrency function that links each purchase to a digital certificate that updates vehicle information.

You may use the logbook to keep track of maintenance, mileage, and other details in case you ever sell the automobile.

Alfa Romeo hasn’t stated which blockchain it uses to keep NFTs in a digital wallet with other cryptocurrencies. To keep track of data, most NFT’s use the Ethereum blockchain, which is comparable to bitcoin. Technically, a Tonale owner could sell the NFT and keep the car, but the NFT would be useless without the automobile.

This functionality is only useful if the owner chooses to share their data with the NFT. Alfa Romeo executives say they will reveal additional details closer to the vehicle’s unveiling.


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